Sonya Dintaman

Providing clear, concise, professional indexes to your specifications.



My Master's degrees in both Information Science and History provide me with essential skills in information organization and analysis. My experiences with library users constantly reinforce the importance of suitable indexes.  Time after time I see that when faced with an overwhelming amount of information, readers will often select materials based on the clarity of the index.  

Let me put my skills and experience to work for you.




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Cottage46 Indexing offers:

  • Back-of-the-book indexes for general and scholarly audiences
  • Periodical and newsletter indexes


You can expect:

  • Indexes delivered on time
  • Chicago Manual of Style or publisher's own specifications
  • Delivery by e-mail and/or ftp
  • Dedicated indexing software (Sky Index)
  • Reasonable rates


Types of materials:

  • general audience books
  • scholarly books
  • textbooks
  • periodicals, magazines, journals
  • any material that needs an index